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HungaroMet: 2009. július 16. 12:00

Summer School on Climate Variability and Climate Change – 2009

8–17 June, 2009
Hungarian Meteorological Service
Visegrád, Hungary

A Summer School on "Climate Variability and Climate Change: Estimating and Reducing Uncertainties" was organized in Visegrád between 8th and 17th of June, 2009. The scientific programme was organised by Michael Ghil (who was born in Budapest and who is professor at the University of Los Angeles and at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris). The local organisation was ensured by Gabriella Szépszó and András Horányi from the Hungarian Meteorological Service.

The Summer School was generously supported by the ENSEMBLES EU project, by László Kapolyi (as a maecenas of the climate research in Hungary), by the National Office for Research and Technology and by the Hungarian Meteorological Service.

The main objective of the Summer School was on the one hand to introduce those tools, which are appropriate to investigate the climate system from the dynamical system point of view, with special emphasis on those open theoretical issues, which are at the heart of the recent interests on climatology and climate change. On the other hand, several presentations were dedicated to climate modelling, which has essential role in the preparation of the "practical" climate projections. Further focus was also put on the variability and change of the climate system, with particular emphasis on the uncertainties in the characterization and simulation of the climate system. During the panel discussions beside the estimation of the uncertainties their possible reduction was also considered and discussed.

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